Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you stock any netting products?
Each customer has his own needs. That is why our products are custom-made and we don’t have any stock.
2. What is the minimum quantity to order?
With the focus of competitive prices, the minimum quantity to order is one 20’ container.
3. Are your nets UV stabilized?
All our HDPE nets are UV treated. We can adapt the UV treatment depending the area where nets will be used. Our standard is a UV treatment at 0.30% which is equivalent to 350KLY.
4. Natural white colour or snow white colour?
Natural white is transparent with no colourant but snow white colour is made from white colour pigment. We can tell that natural white colour is like “translucent” colour. Besides, we provide variety of colour for your custom-made twine and netting. For example, black, red, brown, blue, yellow, dark green, stone and etc.
5. How do you manage the shipment?
We mainly offer DAP and CIF shipment, according to our experience from exporting nets around the world.
6. What is the delivery time for my order?
The average production time is about 60 days (depending of the quantity). Then you have to add the delivery time (20 days to 40 days depending on the area). The total delivery time is about 80 days to 100 days..
7. You provide only HDPE material?
We primarily provide virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for knotted nets, raschel nets and woven nets. Additionally, we supply nylon material for knotted nets and raschel nets, as well as, polyester (PES) for knotted nets.
8. I don´t see the specific kind of net I'm looking for on your website.
You can complete a request quote form and attach picture or write e-mail to us here for more information, then, we can provide you a quotation. Please feel free to contact us.
9. Is it possible to order nets for any sizes?
Yes. Internet France group is the specialist in custom designed and manufactured net, so your specific nets can be fabricated in any sizes as well as other specifications.

10. Do you offer Canvas Tarpaulin?
No, we customize PE Tarpaulin and PE sheeting made from plastic-based synthetic polymer material offering inexpensive, tough, flexible and waterproof properties.